Record: 8-1-0
Scored 282 points vs. opponents 134

Row 1: P. Harrington, E. Rinaldi, J. Kaskie, F. Puchany, M. Lesefko, J. Ewig, T. Deliere, M. Debbis
Row 2: L. Rumbaugh, D. Williams, A. Puchany, M. Hanna, D. O’Hare, E. Monaco, W. Surich, L. Roskowski, J. White, D. Cunic, K. McNary, A. Kaskie
Row 3: Coach Cavanaugh, J. Yarosh, R. Klinger, D. Herdman, T. Trubiana, S. Ostrowski, M. Hamschin, R. Guyaux, G. Antoinette, C. Leonardi, P. Sollon, R. Gessler, C. Hoppe, J. Perkins, Coach Campanelli
Row 4: Coach Johnson, L. Elewski. J. Castafero, D. Kotar, J. Miller, D. Batista, M. Kusturiss, L. Strimel, M. Orr, R. Hemberger, R. Stanko, M. Smutney, Coach Newell.

RANKED #2 in the PIAA and #1 in the WPIAL by Dr.Roger Saylor, Professor, Penn State University
(The Saylor rankings were the only rankings accepted by the WPIAL & PIAA at that time.)

Did not qualify for the WPIAL playoffs because of insufficient Gardner Points. The #6 and # 7 ranked teams played for the championship.

Pennsylvania Big 33 – West Team players:
Doug Kotar
Stan Ostrowski
Mike Smutney

Big 33 Nominees – Ray Gessler, Mike Hamschin

The team had 10 Division I scholarship winners:
Doug Kotar – Kentucky
Ray Gessler – Indiana State
Stan Ostrowski – Pittsburgh
Mike Smutney – Indiana State
George Antoinette – Arizona State
Mike Hamschin – Duke
Phil Sollon – Temple
John Miller – Richmond
Chad Leonardi – Nebraska
Jerry Castafero – Delaware

8 Western Conference All-Stars

Coached by 1998 Hall of Fame Inductee, Raymond F. Campanelli (deceased)

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