Cecil High School

A native of Cecil, Pa. and a graduate of Cecil High School, Class of 1939. Recognized as one of the greatest soccer player born in the USA. Like father, like son, Augie Jr. followed the footsteps of his father, August Behling, Sr. (War Horse) who won his nickname by his drive and power a generation back, starring as a halfback for many of the districts leading teams including the Strassers and the Heidelberg Club.

He was the team leader in goals scored and he kicked all penalty kicks for the 1938 and 1939 Cecil Jr. Club. Team leader in goals scored and all penalty kicks for Morgan USCO in 1940 and Castle Shannon in 1941 and 1942.
The 19 year old star of the crack Keystone League star enlisted in the U.S. Marines and served in the Pacific Theater IN World War, 1942-1945. He also played baseball while serving in the Marines.

After discharge from the US Marines he played for Morgan Strassers from 1945-1946 and for the Cecil and Bealding Soccer Clubs and led the teams in goals scored again kicked all penalty kicks.

Behling turned Professional and played for the Pittsburgh Indians in 1946-1947 who became Champions of the North American Soccer Football League. In 1940 his team, Morgan USCO won the Panhandle Championship, and in 1945 won the National Open Cup with the Morgan Strassers where he scored 3 goals in a playoff game vs. Heidelberg and set up the tying goal in 1946 for the Pittsburg Indians against the Cuban All-Stars handing Cuba their only non win of that year. Behling scored 9 goals for Cecil in a game against Canonsburg. He was denied a spot on the 1948 US Olympic Soccer Team because he was once a professional.

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