Ace Heberling, WPIAL Executive Director, for 22 years, built the WPIAL from its humble surroundings. It was run from the basement of a house into an effective and efficient athletic organization. He spearheaded a number of improvements including moving the headquarters to an office building in Carnegie, promoting equality among the male and female sports formats and establishing a television contract that would allow the high school football championship to be aired on cable television.

• He is a graduate of Perry High School of Pittsburgh’s Northside
• He was a Navy fighter pilot in World War II and earned his nickname for his exploits
• He was an official in the National Football League for 23 years and worked
three Super Bowls and was crew chief for 16 years.
• In his first job after graduation, from Washignton & Jefferson College where he played football, he was a teacher and coach at East Washington High School.
• He spent 14 years as an NFL replay/observer. Experienced as an official in High School/College football for 15 years and basketball (25 years) prepared him for the NFL.
•Ace and his wife Jane have been married for 52 years and have four children

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