Edward B. Selway of Washington participated in basketball and track at Washington High School and after playing sandlot baseball for four years played professional baseball in the minor leagues for 11 years.

He started in 1931 with Beaver Falls in the Mid-Atlantic League and pitched for Tulsa, Okla., St. Joseph, Mo., Des Moines, IA., Fort Worth, TX., Toledo, OH., Beaumont, TX., Seattle, WA., Chattanooga. TN., Toronto and Quebec in Canada and finished his career in 1942 with Utica, NY. in the Canadian-American League.

Selway played for championship teams at St. Joseph in 1933; Tulsa, 1936; Fort Worth, 1937; Beaumont, 1938; and Seattle, 1939 and had a tryout with the Detroit Tigers in 1938.

He pitched two shutout games, including the championship contest for Texas League champion Fort Worth in 1937 against Southern League champion Little Rock, AR. in the Dixie Series which matched winners of the two leagues for many years.

Among noted major league players who batted against him in spring training games was the Yankees’ great first baseman Lou Gehrig, whom Selway recalls hit a home run off him.

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