Graduates of Washington High School and “Lock” from California State College where he earned a B.S in Education and his Masters of Education at West Virginia University. Their names are synonymous with Youth Sports. These two gentlemen have, for over 40 years dedicated themselves to the betterment of the youth of our area.

Working through the local YMCA, Brownson House and the new Vernon Neal Complex, these two “West Enders” have touched the hearts and minds of countless young boys and girls. Their grade school basketball leagues for 3-4 grade, 5-6-&7 grade boys & girls, tournaments for the 8-9 grade and 10-11 grade boys & girls has a participation of approximately 900/1000 youth. They instituted an after midnight Adult leagues for those young men, 18 and over to keep them off the streets and recently began a Woman?s Adult League and are as competitive and successful as the youth leagues.

The Youth Indoor Soccer and Volleyball leagues have also been very successful. They have provided a sense of concern and encouragement to our youth concerning sports and everyday living. Both are enthusiastic Wash High fans and “Lock”, a recent retiree foiiii Upper St. Clair H.S. was voted into the Upper St. Clair Hall of Fame and both Frank and “Lock” were inducted into the Washington High School Wall of Fame. Class of 2004. They have been and continue to be our areas Youth Ambassador’s to Western Pennsylvania and beyond.

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