Henry (Red) Foley, a native of Castle Shannon and resident of Canonsburg, has served as Washington YMCA boxing coach since 1955.

He was an amateur boxer from 1934 through 1940 and fought mostly in the 112-118-pound class with a record of 84 wins in 101 bouts and was a finalist in Diamond Belt competition in 1938-39.

Among his opponents were former national champion Joe McKenna, Golden Gloves champ Ed Sulk, Ralph Immel, a Diamond Belt champion and Ed Fuscher, an AAU champion in 1936. His managers were George Tucker, Alex Columbus, Bill Hechtmann and his brother Scotty Foley.

Foley had four professional fights while serving in the U.S. Navy and fought four more times after his discharge.

His last match was in 1947 in Youngstown, Ohio, when he fought in the 135-pound class and was managed by former world lightweight champion Samrny Angott of Washington.

Foley, who once said a boxer can be trained in three months if he has the desire, has coached numerous YMCA Fighters in Golden Gloves and Diamond Belt tournaments and advanced several to the final round of the recent Pittsburgh Golden Gloves at Monroeville.

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