John Paige of Washington was a leader for many years in Washington County, Western Pennsylvania and national soccer programs.

He served as president of the Washington County Soccer League and Keystone League and secretary-treasurer of the West Penn Soccer Association and as vice president of the United States Soccer Association.

He originated the use of two referees and free substitution in the West Penn Soccer League, which were later used in college and high school opccer and the Major Indoor Soccer League.

Paige was given the Washington Knights of Columbus special award in 1976 and was co-manager of the U.S. Olympic team at the 1956 games in Melbourne, Australia. The team visited Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Formosa, Singapore, Manila and the Fiji Islands on a tour sponsored by the State Department.

Paige, a retired employee of Jessup Steel Co., started in 1929 as manager and coach of the Lincoln Hill soccer team. He reorganized the 24 team Washington County League in 1934; Was elected third vice president of the U.S. Soccer Association in 1951 and first vice president in 1956.

He served five years as chairman of the National Amateur Cup committee.

He also wrote a weekly soccer column for 25 years which appeared in the Observer-Reporter and was known as Soccer Notes.

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