Ray laid the foundation for sports at McGuffey High School. He, along with others, pioneered the school’s sports program of basketball, football, wrestling and track.

One of the top basketball and baseball standouts developed at Peters Township in the late 1930’s. He played 4 years of varsity basketball and started as a freshman. He graduated in 1937 with an opportunity to play basketball at W&J for the legendary Adam Sanders; however, Ray chose to play for Penn State. He played three years of varsity ball, starting his sophomore year. He played varsity baseball and track where he was a standout sprinter and threw the javelin.

Ray was drafted into the Armed Services during his senior year at Penn State. He was sent to the U.S. Air Force Officers Cadet School. While in Texas he met and played baseball with Enos Slaughter and Del Wilbert from the St. Louis Cardinals. After he was discharged from the Air Force he returned to Penn State and graduated in 1946 earning a teaching degree.

His first teaching and basketball coaching assignment was at Claysville High School. In 1950 he started the first football program and a year later Ray started a baseball team and even paid for the teams uniforms out of his own pocket. He next contacted “Doc” Harris, from Wash High, to put on a wrestling demonstration. After the assembly Ray talked his good friend, Leonard Kirby into becoming Claysville’s first wrestling coach.

During the late 1940’s and early 1950’s. Ray played independent basketball and baseball for 14 years. In 1960 Ray became McGuffey’s School District first athletic director. This position he held until he retired in 1978.

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