1987 – BOWLING

Thomas M. (Tinker) Molinaro of Washington, a native of Scranton, has been involved in bowling for 55 years and also played softball and played sandlot baseball as a pitcher for Alpine Club. He started at left end for Poundstown and Washington Generals semi-pro football teams for 12 seasons, being a member of four district championship teams from 1933 through 1936.
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He is also an avid golfer and hunter.
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He has been a member of Jessop Club, Club 21, McWreath Dairy, Alpine Club, Hazel Atlas and Lake Jo Ann bowling teams.

Molinaro’s bowling accomplishments include being a member of the Washington Classic doubles championship team in 1956 and 1957; singles champion in the 1947 Hazel Atlas tournament; fourth place in George Vallas Singles Classic in Youngstown, Ohio, 1954; member of Washington Generals Industrial ten pin champs; 1947 all events champion in Hazel Atlas tournament and first Washington area bowler to appear on Pittsburgh television bowling programs.